My cellphone buzzed in my pocket with a new text message. Flipping it open, I felt a stab of excitement in my stomach and in my cock as I read what it said: "8:00 tonight - bring your blindfold and wear her panties."

It was from Sharon, my Mistress -- an invitation to be dominated. My mouth ran dry.

The rest of that day seemed to take forever. Meetings, telephone calls -- the minutia of my daily life -- dragged on; I kept checking the clock.

Finally evening came. I stopped at the gym on my way home for a weightlifting workout; I wanted my muscles to be full and pleasing to my Mistress. She had known me years before when I had been in better shape and had remarked on it on the night she first dominated me; with each set I focused on my body being pleasing to Her, not allowing myself to become aroused -- I had to be prepared.

While I was in the gym, my wife Amy left me a voicemail saying that a friend of hers needed her -- something about marital trouble, I guess -- and that she wouldnt be home until late. What a relief! I wouldnt have to tell her that a client had called for an after-hours meeting.

I went home and had a quick dinner. Checking my watch, I saw that it was time to get ready, so I went upstairs and peeked in my wifes dresser to find the panties I was supposed to wear -- white lace thongs, the ones that turned me on the most when my wife wore them. On those work days when she put them on in the morning, getting ready for her day, I would lay in bed, stroking my cock while I watched her dry her hair. Now that these were the panties that I wore when serving Sharon, my morning fantasies of entering my wife from behind began to mix with memories of Sharon blindfolding me, bending me over her couch and fucking me in the ass with a strap-on dildo.

My cock was already hard as I pushed it into my wifes thongs; I realized it was going to stay that way until somehow my Mistress allowed me to cum -- if she would allow it tonight. I loved the contained feeling I got from the panties -- loved the feel of the lace against my cock and the pull of the fabric against my asshole.

I grabbed the bandana that I had used as a blindfold and headed out the door.

When I got to Sharons house there was a note taped above the doorbell. "David," it read, "go up to the bedroom without speaking to me and get ready to serve me. Remove your clothes except for your panties, put on your blindfold and kneel by the left side of the bed. Wait there."

I tried to swallow but my mouth was dry. Quickly, quietly I went upstairs -- I could hear the television on in her living room, where she had first dominated me. I prepared for her and kneeled by the bed.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard footsteps on the stairs -- footsteps of two people. When they entered the room, Sharon spoke. "David," she said, "tonight I have with me another one of my servants -- a new one, actually; I think youll like her -- and she and you will both do my bidding. She has been instructed not to make a sound tonight other than her own breathing, no matter what happens to her."

"In particular, she needs to be whipped. Youll be the one to whip her, but just so that you know how I want her whipped, Ill demonstrate on you. On the bed, on your elbows and knees now, bitch."

I did as she asked and heard Sharon come around to my side.

"You havent met my whip yet, have you David? The leather straps are so soft, arent they?" she asked as she traced them over my back and down to my ass.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied.

"And the handle," she cooed into my ear, gently pushing something against my asshole -- so hard and firm, yes? She might like it in her pussy, hmm?"

I nodded my blindfolded head and repeated "yes, Mistress."

Then a quick flip of her wrist and the whip stung my ass; I cried out in surprise.

"Oh, no David, that will not do. If this pretty young thing is expected to be silent tonight, then the least you could do is to be silent yourself as I whip you. Understood?"

I nodded my head yes.

Again came the whip on my ass; again and again. The pain mixed with a sensation of heat and I was hoping she would soon stop. My breathing became labored; I found myself holding my breath in anticipation of her next whip.

"Very good, David," she said at last. "Now David, stand by the side of the bed. My new little pet here is not blindfolded, so she has been highly entertained by your punishment. See how red his ass is now, dear? OK -- now its your turn -- on your elbows and knees, just like David did."

I heard her get onto the bed. Sharon gave me the whip. "Reach out and feel her ass, David; feel her tits -- and pinch a nipple if youd like. But you are not allowed to touch her pussy."

I reached out and found her. My hands told me that she was completely naked except for a leather collar on her neck; I did pinch her closest nipple, and I felt her body react -- she arched her back and pushed back with her ass against my hand. I traced my fingers to her asshole and slowly circled there, wanting to lick her there; her body pulled forward, away from my touch.

"Now, David, whip her twelve times. And remember, if its not hard enough, Ill have to show you again how I want it done."

I picked up the whip from the bed and began. She didnt make a sound, as instructed; only her breathing changed. Time and time again I whipped her, hard, until I reached twelve times.

"Very good, both of you. Do you like that, my little pet? You ARE a naughty one, arent you? David, shes a little shy being touched on her asshole, as I think you noticed a moment ago. Wont you help her overcome that, right now? Go on -- give her little asshole a good tongue-fucking. But remember -- you may not touch her pussy!"

I climbed onto the bed behind her and bent down. I kissed her on her ass, finding her crack with my lips, then traced down with my lips and tongue. As I approached her asshole she pulled away slightly -- and suddenly the whip stung my ass again.

"My sweet little thing, you must relax! Poor David here is going to be punished if you pull away again -- so take your treatment like a good little pet and do not move, OK? David, continue."

I found her asshole and gently licked at it, circling it with my tongue. Whoever she was, she stayed still this time -- to my relief! -- and as I pushed my tongue against her asshole with more pressure she actually pushed back, gyrating her hips a bit. I pushed harder and the tip of my tongue found its way into her asshole. In and out it went, circling and pushing and teasing and licking her.

"Very good, David. Now, pet, on your back. David here has done well tonight and he deserves a good blow job, dont you think? David, you may kneel above her now. But dont cum in her mouth, or even on her face -- you will come on her tits, understand?"

I nodded my head.

I positioned myself above her and felt her hands on my cock; one reached underneath me and stroked my balls, fingernails tracing my asshole. Then she took me in her mouth and I gasped. This woman gave incredible head, moving up and down on my cock, then tracing her tongue around its head, teasing me -- then plunging my cock back in her mouth again.

She took my cock out of her mouth and licked my balls; then took them into her mouth one by one and sucked on them, all while stroking my cock. I was almost ready to explode and pulled away from her.

"Now, David -- on her tits!"

I turned around and stroked my cock, wet from her saliva; she craned her neck up and took one of my balls into her mouth again and I came, shooting spurt after spurt onto her chest, desperately trying not to jerk with my hips, with my balls in her mouth.

Finally I was done.

"Very good work, my pet. What a mess hes made! Now David, before you lick it off of her chest I want you to rub your cum on her tits."

My cock still throbbing, I reached down and rubbed her tits. I could feel her writhing beneath me; she still sucked gently on my balls, but released me as I repositioned myself to begin cleaning off her chest.

With broad strokes of my tongue I licked my cum off of her chest, staying away from her tits initially, then circling around them. Her breath was coming faster and faster; her back arching -- she tried to get her nipples into my mouth as I came near them but now it was my turn to tease her, and I saved her nipples for last -- then took them into my mouth one by one and gently sucked on them.

"David," said my Mistress, "I think that she has gotten herself pretty worked up, there. Do her a favor and eat that pussy of hers -- it doesnt look as though it will take much to get her to cum."

I kissed my way down her stomach; she had shaved leaving only a small patch of hair above her pussy. As my mouth reached her pussy I stopped dead still -- I love to eat pussy, more than anything, and have tasted a couple of dozen of them in my life -- and there was no mistaking it: This was my wifes pussy.

"Oh, dont stop now, David, she really needs your mouth. Find something familiar? What, hadnt you guessed? Well, yes, I thought that she might want to know about you needing to be dominated, so we got together for coffee. Who knew that she wanted to be my slave, too!"

With that I went back to her pussy and began eating her again with wild passion. And it was true -- in just moments she exploded in orgasm; I held her clit in my mouth, gently sucking on it, until the last wave subsided.

"Ah, now that was nice, wasnt it?" asked my Mistress. "Now David, get dressed and go home. Neither of you is allowed to speak to the other about what happened here tonight, and neither of you is allowed to dominate the other at home -- because you are both MY slaves."

"Now go home."

And home I went.