As she neared him his stomach knotted, again, as his cock hardened even further. He could not take his eyes off her. She moved, gracefully, and with great purpose towards him, the long velvet cloak falling away from her shoulders and eventually down to the floor in her wake. She reached up to ruffle her hair, as he had seen her do so a thousand times already, but on this night even this simple gesture held such a sweet power over him. He ached to reach out and touch her as she edged ever closer.

She moved her hands behind her back and he could see movement suggesting the adept action of her slender fingers. Suddenly a broad silk sash fell from her waist. He had not spotted it tied around the centre of her hour glass curves, previously; the cloak had shadowed its presence from him. As she finally neared him he could see her curling the ends of the long shiny black material around each of her sensual hands; gathering the material taut in the middle. 

Finally she stopped in front of him. The beautiful toes of her beautiful boots stood squarely between his own feet and, nervously, again, he was trapped by her, but on this occasion, it was purely by her presence alone. 

"You trust me? Dont you?" She purred at him, ignoring any response.

Smiling, she leaned into him and placed the dark slippery fabric of the sash across his eyes which immediately closed and plunged him into complete darkness. His vulnerability multiplied ten-fold now, his breath quickening at her proximity to him as she tied the silk behind his head. His remaining senses were instantly heightened. He could smell her scent, both her perfume, which was exquisite and her own, powerful fragrance. The sash felt smooth and surprisingly warm against his skin and he moved his head around as if to discover what may happen to him next. Still, his hands did not move from their relaxed position on the arms of the chair. Still, he did not attempt to touch her. He was her quarry now. He must submit to her in any way she decides.


She smiled down at him as her own nerves steadied. He was here with her now and she could relax. She had made her statement upon him entering the room and she knew he would do exactly as she asked of him, as he always did. Sometimes these moments were as much a delicious torment to her as she knew they were to him. She ached to soften to him and allow him to take her now but was far too focussed to allow those matters to cloud her judgement now. She would show him what he meant to her later.

Stepping away from him she moved around to behind his chair and glanced to ensure that the knot holding the sash was sufficiently tied for now. Again, she noticed the glint of the silver chain around his neck and allowed a full, warm-hearted smile to light up her face out of his view. By his own action he now belonged to her and in that same act of wearing her gift he acknowledged her as his too. She smiled again. Indeed, this whole weekend would be special for many different reasons.


His ears strained to hear her moving behind him. He had felt her gaze upon him and he was sure he had sensed her smiles; his own smile still present on his lips - his mind whirling with all sorts of ideas, hopes and thoughts. 

He heard her approaching again and startled slightly as the old floor boards creaked as she moved beside him. He felt her reach towards him and flinched as she worked quickly unbuttoning his shirt; adeptly ensuring her fingertips did not make contact with his skin. 

"Sit forwards!" She demanded, as she pulled the shirt off his back.

He ached to feel her as the slight chill in the room made contact with his skin. So, this was why she had not started the fire! Then, almost painfully, the unmistakeable sensation of her fingernails flowed through his chest. She was teasing him now; her finger tips and manicured talons barely touching him. He tingled with new warmth now; glowing with her contact. He presumed she must now be standing directly between his knees again and wanted to move his thighs to touch her, but he dare not. The stroking continued for what seemed like an eternity, her sensual fingers finding every millimetre of his naked torso and arms. He remained totally still, his only response to her being his surging erection, now so clearly evident in his trousers and the quickening sighs on his breath. He knew she was reading him and wanted to give her every opportunity to do so. He wanted to empower his Goddess.

Abruptly then he felt a sting against his right nipple, then a trail of coldness running down over his ribcage to his waist. Quickly he realised that she had placed an ice cube against his chest. The ice burned his skin momentarily but it sent shots of adrenaline throughout his body. He felt a groan escape his lips. Then, the stroking of her warm fingertips continued and the now melting ice cube was removed. He felt her bend forwards over him and the familiar soft, tickle of her hair grazed against his chest. He sighed aloud again, tormented by her closeness; her sensuality; her power. He could feel his cock now drooling inside his trousers and wondered if the dampness was now soaking through the material covering his groin. Tantalising him now; she allowed her warm breath to fall over his cold hard nipple sending further tingles throughout his being. She was so close now, he could raise his hands and hold her; reach out to touch her; but he must not. 

Sharply then, again, he felt the unexpected burn of ice, this time against his left nipple. The same routine was followed as he squirmed before her. Arousal, desire, lust and submission all filled him equally. He felt he might burst at any moment. Again the cold water trickled down over his skin and he felt the coolness replaced by the heat emanating from her mouth so close to him. Another groan burst from within.

Next, she was moving away from him and he puzzled as to what his next fate might be. He suspected she may bind him into this chair and torment him. He felt vulnerable enough without physical ties now and hoped that she would not be so cruel.

She was back between his legs again and this time placed her hands on top of his firmly holding them down to the high arms of the leather arm chair. He was certain that she would restrain him now; he felt so trapped by her instantly. However, she did not. Instead, deliciously, he felt the weight of her bearing down onto his thighs. The recognisable heaviness of her delightful bottom closed in over his lap. She moved over him, grinding her full hips downwards making him burn with desire. Then, as she raised herself away from him, having apparently teased him enough, she raised his hands with her own and pulled them into her waist and hips. He almost choked on the noise which escaped from him this time; the voluptuous feel of her body in his hands almost too much for him to bear. His minds eye envisaged her position before him now, her back to him, bending slightly away from him, and the fullness of her glorious backside directly in front of him. If only he could tear the blindfold away from his face and soak up the glory of such a view; but he now understood why she had taken his sense of sight away from him -- in order to torment him further. 

She stood and stretched before him, contorting her form in between his searching hands. Softly, he caressed her through the smooth material of her skirt and silken fabric of her corset. He felt her bending over further in front of him so as to stretch her body before him. His hands moved down her hips instinctively and found the firmness of her strong thighs. Down his touch travelled until he reached the top of her striking boots. He shuddered as his fingers ran over the edge of the shiny hard material and he now wanted to beg for the cover across his eyes to be removed. His fingertips edged gently inside the very top of each boot and his groans came again as his skin made contact with hers. Soft, silky, strong thighs encased in shiny, erotic leather boots. He could hardly contain himself. Then, reaching down slightly lower he discovered the lace edge of a stocking top hidden beneath each boot. Another groan lurched out of him. She was driving him insane with desire and torment and he knew she totally understood the immense power she had over him. So weak and vulnerable he was to her now. He knew he could never live without her in his life. She held and controlled him, in every regard. His fingers stroked around the boot and along to her inner thigh. He felt her quiver slightly at his touch and believed he heard a soft purr escape from her. 

"Mmmmm... Good boy!" She purred at him, smiling devilishly.

A massive swoon swathed over him, then, like a thick, dark liquid encasing him totally in its sticky grasp. He felt he could die now, right in this moment, and feel eternally content. She sensed his pleasure, in that split second, and smiled again, knowing that they had not even begun the weekends journey and that they would revel in many more pleasures together and again feel their complete oneness.