The events described in this essay are true from my own life experiences. The characters are eighteen years of age or older and only their names have been changed.


When my wife was in her last year of high school, she and a fellow classmate were trying to gain membership into the National Honor Society which they did accomplish at the end of the year.

They were over achievers and often studied together. After school, she would go to the boys house, where they would go up to his bedroom and study. They did this a couple of times a week plus some weekends over the course of a year. 

During those times, in the sanctuary of his bedroom, Joel would teach Rosemarie in the many ways of how to masturbate him. He could have deflowered her but instead, being over achievers, they turned masturbation into an art form.

For that year, he would fondle and suckle her breasts. Then he would show her how to handle and play with his penis. She learned the many ways of stroking his erection to his ultimate pleasure. She played his genitals like a skilled musician plays their instrument.

At the end of the year, his mother broke up their relationship and he was forbidden to be with her. Then I came along and fell under the spell of her pleasuring hands. Like Joel, I was circumcised, so it was easy for her to transfer her skills over to me.

I was circumcised at birth, so Ive never experienced having a foreskin. Not having that extra skin leaves my glans exposed and my penis is very sensitive, so when a girl feels it, she must use a very delicate touch, like she was handling an exotic orchid.

If a girl strokes an uncircumcised penis, she can use the foreskin as a lubricant and move it back and forth over the glans. Because of the thickness of the foreskin, she probably needs to use a firm grip to give her partner the sensations which will bring him to climax. She probably has to masturbate him for a longer period of time than if he were circumcised. 

In the days before I met my wife, most of the girls who fondled my genitals would hurt me. One girl I remember seemed so gentle. She spoke so softly and she gently took my erection in her hand. Then she tightened her fist around it and started pumping it hard and fast. She ruptured several blood vessels before I could stop her. It took a month for them to clear up. Another girl jacked my erection like it was a pump and another cut my scrotum with her finger nail. 

Then I met Rosemarie. Thanks to Joel, she was well trained in the many ways in which to fondle and masturbate a circumcised penis. The feel of her stroking hand is so gentle, soft, so tender and sensual, only a woman twice her age might possibly know how to do it. 

Rosemarie will wrap her hand around the base of my shaft and watch it grow in her hand. Then loosen her grip to a very, very light touch, like a feather touch, as she slowly begins to stroke up and down, all the while, she is studying my face for the signs of pleasure that she knows she is giving me. 

Sometimes she will change her feel so that just her forefinger and thumb circle my shaft as she continues her stroking. This is one of her many ways of prolonging my pleasure or she will just lightly stroke the mushroom head, making me squirm in pleasure.

As she strokes, she is watching my face, listening to my breathing, feeling for my body to tense up, looking for that sign that Im near my climax and then she will bring me away from the edge. She may use only one fingertip, massaging what I call, my "F" spot. 

Like the "G" spot in a woman, the "F" spot or frenulum, by its technical name, is a highly sensitive area on the underside of the penis. It is located where the glans or head joins the penile shaft. It is the nerve center for the entire penis. Like the glans it is exposed in a circumcised penis. 

She delights in seeing how long she can keep me on the edge and she will decide when I climax. When she decides, she will stroke me until I gasp, I tense up, I begin to shake and I moan.

When she knows that Im about to cum, she will bring her hand up to her mouth and fill her palm with her warm saliva. Then I feel the intense sensations of her warm slippery hand engulf the head of it. She firms up her grip as she slides her hand down the shaft. She cups her other hand above the head as I begin ejaculating into it.

She can make the stroking session last a long time or she can make me climax in a very short moment. In any case, I am completely drained and gratified for days after.

I remember one night when we went to the movies. We were in the lobby, standing in line, waiting for the crowd to leave from the previous show. As the crowd was exiting a girl walked by us with her boyfriend. She said, "Hi Jack" and she continued walking as the crowd was moving her along.

I replied, "Hi Lisa."

My wife was standing in front of me and she turned around, pressing her body against mine. She hooked her fingers into the front of my pants and pulled them away from my body so she could snake her other hand down into my pants. I felt her hand caress my flaccid penis and it responded by getting hard.

While she was holding it, one of her fingers, I dont know which one, began massaging my "F" spot very fast. While she was doing this, she looked into my eyes and said, "So whos your friend?"

At the time, I was going to school at night and I answered her, "Shes in one of my classes." 

Her finger continued massaging that spot and in less than a minute, I began to shake. She whispered, "Kiss me." I did and in that crowded lobby, I ejaculated in my pants.

After we were seated, she said, "How do you feel?"

"Im wet and sticky."

She replied, "Serves you right."

"But I didnt do anything."

Her hand jobs helped save her virginity for the time when we would be married. It was her hand jobs that made me take her out on that second date and eventually marry her. It has been her hand jobs that have kept me married to her for all of these years. 

If I tell her that I was restless and did not sleep last night, than tonight, you can be sure, I will get a stroking. If I get upset about something, she will calm me down with a stroking. If I become suspicious about a man in her life, she will set me at ease with a stroking and when I protest my subservient status, she will stroke me into submission.

The first two years that we were dating, I would satisfy her with my fingers. I could get her so aroused and passionate that I could question her on her sex life. She would tell me about the boy who taught her how to jerk him off. How he would play with her tits and then she would jerk him off. That she really liked him.

In that aroused state, she told me about one of her teachers, a man in his late forties, who would look at her breast while talking to her. How it got her so aroused by him just looking. While she was telling me these secrets, she would get so hot that she would push my head down into her crotch and try to pull my mouth into her. She loved cunnilingus and she probably used it to keep me from asking too many questions. She did instruct me in the many ways in which to please her and I think I got real good at it.

After she was gratified, she would whisper in my ear, "Here, let me help you. Oh! Its so big and hard. The head is so smooth and hot. I love the feel of it in my hands and Oh! Your balls feel so big and heavy. Theyre beautiful and this cock of yours is magnificent."

During those stroking sessions she would always build up my ego and I could never lie to her inquiring questions.

She went on, "I just like stroking it up and down like this. Its beautiful and your so handsome. Youre smart and strong and with a cock like this, Ill bet youve had a lot of girls, havent you?"


"Oh, come on. You can tell me. You know I wouldnt tell anyone."

"No! Ive never fucked anyone in my life."

"Youre telling me, that a handsome guy like you, has never fucked a girl? Here, let me wet my hand. Oh, yes. Now its nice and slippery. Feels good, doesnt it?"

"Yes, Oh yes."

"Are you sure that youve never gotten laid?"

"I swear to you, Im a virgin. Im, Im going to cum... Oh, God! Im cumming."

Mutual masturbation is the perfect way for two people to get to know each other. They can talk to each other while pleasuring each other. It was during those stroking sessions that I became addicted to her hands. With her hands she could give my penis the most intense sensations, so much more than having intercourse. 

After we got married, intercourse was a big disappointment to me. When we copulate and we both climax, I pull it out of her but my cock is still a little fluffy. In a couple of minutes, Im ready to go again but she always goes into a deep sleep. Im never fully gratified or satisfied as when I cum by her hand.

In all of the years that we have been together, she has never, ever, given me a blow job. There are times when she is stroking me that she will stop and put her mouth close to it. She looks like she is debating whether she should suck it or not. She will glance up at me and looking into my eyes, she will open her mouth as if to suck it. She thinks to herself, "No! Youre not going to get that." She then resumes her stroking. 

There were times when she has taken it in her mouth and kissed it and sucked it a little but never sucked it to climax. The most she would ever do, is give it two sucks and then say, "put it in me."

In those early years I tried to coax her into fellatio but she would have none of it. She would get get so angry that it broke the mood. So I gave up trying.

At the end of our first year of marriage, her boss cuckold me. Now that he was fucking her, Rosemarie went back to masturbating me. For him and his friends, she gave blow jobs and I came to know that she is very good at it but for me, I only get her hand jobs. 

She claims that it is very degrading for her to suck my cock. For that same reason, she has never worn a sexy negligee for me. She claims that it would make her look cheap. I know the psychology behind this behavior but to explain it, I would have to write another essay. 

Fellatio is the ultimate pleasure a person can give a man but it requires that the person giving, becomes the submissive. The man receiving becomes the dominate partner. My wife could never become a submissive to me and yet with her boss and his friends, she had no problem. With a strange man, she could let her hair down but with me, she had to maintain that good girl image.

When a man is getting a blow job, he can talk and tell his partner what he likes, what he feels. The submissive can say nothing but just stay there with their mouth full, listening to him while sucking his cock.

Rosemarie grew up in a household where the men dominated the subservient women. Rosemarie vowed that she would never be dominated or subservient to her husband and I agreed with her. We should be equal but some how, by using her hands, I fell into submission.

When my wife wants to get something from me or wants me to agree to something, she will get it by stroking me. I remember one night in particular. Her girl friend, Judy and her husband were going on vacation and Judy asked my wife if we wanted to go with them? That night, over dinner, my wife asked me and I said, "No."

We had a heated discussion over it and I said, "No and thats final."

After we cleaned up the dishes and kitchen, I went and sat on the sofa in the living room to study for a test. After a while my wife came in and sat down next to me. She had taken her shower and she had on her robe, tied in the front. She said, "Honey? Im sorry."

As she was saying this she had placed her hand on my shoulder. She went on. "I was a little pushy," as she slides her hand to my chest while letting her breast rest against my arm.

Moving her hand down to my stomach, she continues, "Youre right, it is expensive."

I have on a pair of sweats and she is now rubbing her hand back and forth over my pelvis saying, "I did want to go but we cant afford it."

Her voice is getting soft and alluring. She knows that the material under her innocent, moving hand is stimulating the head of my penis. That Im going to get an erection. I always do.

She always wanted me in loose fitting clothing and she would always buy me loose fitting clothes. It took me a long time to realize that she used my clothing in this way, to stimulate my glans and arouse me.

She went on, "It was nice of them to invite us," as she now moves her hand down onto my hardening member. Her fingers trace the outline of it through the material. Her voice gets very soft, almost like shes talking to a little boy. 

She thinks to herself, "How easy it is to stimulate a circumcised dick. With out that foreskin, they are so vulnerable."

She continues, "I think you would have had a good time with Jim." 

Sliding her hand into my pants. I feel her fingers slide down the shaft of my erection. How I love the feel of her hand. She begins lightly stroking it.

I answer her, "Yea, I do get along with him." 

In her soft voice she says, "Why dont you slip these off?"

I slip my pants down and off. Then I slip my top off. Im completely nude before her. Im in her hands.

She says, "Hand me that lotion," indicating to the hand lotion on the end table next to me. Where did that come from? It wasnt there before.

I say, "No, no. Let me lay on you. Let me put it in you."

I want to take control. I want her to lie down on the rug and let me push my hard erection into her. To make her the submissive and me the dominate male. She will have none of it.

"Not now. I just want to stroke you. I want to feel you in my hand. You know you like me to stroke it. Now give me the lotion."

She twists her hand around the mushroom head and I feel her fingertip massaging my "F" spot. The pleasure is so intense that I succumb to her hand.

I hand her the lotion and watch as she pours some into her hand. She continues talking to me, telling me what a good husband I am and how much she loves me. She now has my complete, undivided attention.

I feel the sensations of the cool lube as she smoothes it over the head. She takes her time as she strokes me and tells me how she really wants to go. She wants to hear me say the word yes.

She knows all to well of how to stroke me, slow and firm. She keeps talking while she is looking into my eyes, timing her strokes to the rhythm of her words. She feels my cock getting hotter, sees my face revealing that Im getting close. My body begins to convulse. She knows that Im on the edge. She pauses, stops her strokes and just holds the head of my cock in her fingertips. Like she is holding a ball that she is about to drop.

She asks me again, "Can we go" and shes waiting to hear the word, yes.

I lay there, all tensed up, feeling the head of my cock pulsing in her fingertips. I want to feel her hand stroke down my shaft and give me release. Im shaking. Shes looking into my eyes. 

I whisper to to her, "You have me by the balls."

"No...I have you by your dick."

She knows what she wants and she is not giving in, not giving me what I need. I need her hand to move. I try to push my cock up into her hand but its no use. My eyes plead to her that I cant take any more and then I moan the word, "Yes." 

Her face takes on a look of satisfaction as she rewards me by resuming her strokes. I begin ejaculating into her cupped hand. My body stiffens, my legs kick, I twist and gasp as she continues milking it all out of me.

It becomes too sensitive for me and I have a hard time trying to get her to stop. When she finally releases my penis, it is a small, shrunken and shriveled membrane, covered in oil and my semen.

She looks at it and she is pleased. Im embarrassed of it. It lies to one side. She hooks her finger under it and flicks it over. She thinks to herself, "Its dead. I did a good job on it. Itll be dead for days." 

I lay there, I feel like a little boy who made a mess. Ashamed, embarrassed and inadequate, I apologize, "Im sorry. Im so sorry. I didnt do anything for you. I didnt make you cum. I didnt gratify you." 

"Its OK. Its OK, dont worry about me. I get my gratification knowing that I made you cum."

She gets up and goes into the kitchen to wash her hands. My semen on her hands, always gives her a feeling of pride and satisfaction, like a doctor who has just successfully completed a procedure.

I feel like each time she strokes me, she mentally castrates me and it takes me a few days to a week to recover. 

After she dries her hands, she unties her robe and lets it fall open. Then she walks back into the living room.

She thinks to herself, "Let him get a glimpse of my body. I want him to remember what he missed getting and what he cant get now. I am not going to let him fuck me anytime he wants. He can only fuck me when I want him to. I took good care of his little dickie and he wont be able to get it up for a few days. Thats just the effect my hand jobs have on him."