Goddess JessiBelle Little Maggot


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You are a disgusting pervert and you are sick and fucked in the head. Youre a freak. You love having women tear you down. You like feeling like the worst person on the planet. You are the lowest being on the planet and you LIKE THAT! Everyone hates you! Even the people you think are your friends. Your coworkers even hate you. You cant get away from yourself either, how sad. Get naked and get on the ground. I want you to listen to me. You are a pathetic, disgusting, degradation addicted freak! You LOVE women telling you how disgusting you are! Now, I want you to lay down on the ground and youre going to play the maggot that you are. You are going to squirm around and hump the ground and squeal for me when I tell you to cum. Disgusting.

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