Curioius about female domination, a police detective learns a real lesson.

Dorothea finished typing a paragraph into her computer and sat back, looking at the screen with a frown. She shuffled through some of her notes and stared at a pile of books with torn paper bookmarks protruding at intervals. She sighed. “Nothing for it, gotta go back to the library.” She straightened up her desk and put on a jaunty yellow and blue hat.

She was down the steps, across the walkway and out of the gate before the unseasonably warm spring weather distracted her from academic preoccupation. She took a deep breath and slowed her pace. Feeling the sun on her cheeks and legs, she shook her head as though to clear it. Down the street, on the edge of the campus, a sidewalk café beckoned. She sat and ordered a chocolate croissant and a latte. Dorothea relaxed and looked across the street to the nearly deserted campus.

A maintenance crew trimmed hedges and two boys played catch with a football. Im glad I decided to stay, she thought. I got caught up on all Sorority business and I have a big start on my research project.

The barista arrived with her latte. She smiled her thanks, crossed her legs and took up the Independent Journal, the local free paper. An Ive-got-a-secret smile passed her lips as one of the many advertisements on the back page caught her eye.

Psychological Domination

Submission begins with the mind — the body follows

Yield to the will of a beautiful, no-nonsense Superior

Fetishes Fulfilled: Limits Respected

Apply online at

Sandras. Shes got it made. Gets paid to take out her hostility to men. Shell graduate with a nest egg instead of debt. Selling its not for me, but I might feel differently if mom and dad hadnt planned so well. She opened the paper and soon was it intrigued by an article about official malfeasance.

“Excuse me, Miss. I believe youre Dorothea Karras, correct?”

An athletically fit middle-aged man wearing a tie with a sport coat over his arm stood by her table. “Yes. Do I know you? You look vaguely familiar.”

The man smiled and said, “We did meet once, Miss. Im Detective O Hagarty, and I came to your sorority because of the hazing complaint by that silly boy back in September.”

Dorothea laughed aloud at the memory. “Oh, of course. As I recall, you had a better reaction than most of the officers who show up for the occasional complaints.”

“May I please join you? Id like to discuss something with you.”

“Okay,” said Dorothea guardedly.

The man sat and extended his hand. “I want you to know Im not here in any kind of official capacity.” He smiled.

Dorothea shook his hand but asked, “Why are you here, Detective?”

“How well do you remember our brief meeting?”

“Not very well. I do remember you asked no questions after you saw the boys release and you called him a “twit” or something  for leaving.” Dorothea grinned at the memory.

“I saw all you beautiful women. That guy blew the opportunity of a lifetime.”

“We did make him suffer. That was the point.”

“I understand. At least I think I do. You see, I sometimes have these fantasies…”

“Go on,” said Dorothea with a knowing smile.

“Well, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be with a very powerful, take-charge type of woman.”

“Its a common fantasy,” she agreed noncommittally.

OHagarty looked away, then back to Dorothea. “Well, after what I heard from the complainant and the little I saw in the sorority house, those fantasies went wild. Up to then, I just figured they were fantasies, but I wanted to learn more. I read more about female domination and I, um, investigated your Sorority. I suppose you could nail me for misuse of government databases since I wasnt investigating a crime. Anyway, everything I learned intrigued me all the more.” He looked at Dorothea, evidently expecting a response.

“Go on.”

“I know there are professionals out there, dominatrixes, but they wont take a cop as a client for obvious reasons. Even in this part of the country, the BDSM clubs are very suspicious of cops.” He paused and gulped. “I wonder if you or someone you know could maybe…”

Dorothea savored the sight of this brash, confident detective tongue-tied and embarrassed. “Spit it out, man. What do you want?”

“Uh… Is there any way I can act out these fantasies?”

“How did you come to be here today? Have you been following me?”

“No, Im off duty and went for a walk when I saw you. We can be relatively anonymous during spring break.”

“How do I know this isnt a trap?

 “Three reasons. If this was a sting, I wouldnt identify myself as a law officer. Plus, were talking about consensual activity between adults. Finally, to be criminal, thered have to be an exchange of money for genital contact.”

“Okay, that makes sense. So what are your fantasies that youd like to have come true?”

OHaggarty paused and took a few deep breaths. “Getting busted for something and getting spanked and paddled. Or being a servant to a woman like you and displeasing her, earning a punishment,“ he stopped, still breathing deeply.

“Those sound like fun. Any more?”

“Being naked in front of a woman and kissing her feet, stuff like that.”

“Oh, a submissive. I like submissives. Any CBT fantasies?”


“Cock and ball torture. Sensual play with a mans genitals that can get pretty extreme. Definitely not a blowjob, but many males love having so much attention paid to their little man.”

“No fantasies, but it might be interesting— up to a point.”

Dorothea laughed, thinking. This guys genuine, I believe. Hed provide a nice interlude before Althea returns.  “I tell you what, Dan.” She ripped the corner from the back page of the newspaper and fished a pen from her purse. “Im familiar with this dominatrix. On her site, theres a page thats a checklist for clients interests. Instead of submitting it to her, copy and paste it, fill it out, email it to me and meet me tomorrow. Ill see what I can do for you. You intrigue me that much and I will admit the idea of having a cop in my clutches has a great deal of appeal.” She arched one eyebrow as she smiled.

“Thank you. I hope I continue to be worthy of your interest. What time tomorrow?”

“3 oclock at the Sorority House?”

“Ill be there. Thank you again.” He offered his hand again and they shook. OHaggarty stood. “I wont take any more of your time. Till tomorrow afternoon.” He left with a smile and a bounce to his step.

During the evening, by email and text, the pair agreed on Dans limits and two scenarios. First, theyd act out Dans fantasy, and if all went well, Dorothea would push his limits in other directions. Dan asked, “Youre not thinking of the captive officer in Reservoir Dogs, are you?”

“Nope, no death fantasies here.”

Dorothys last text contained some advice.

Between now and our appointment, focus as much as you can on your fantasy and what it means to submit to a beautiful woman. Fantasize and masturbate as much as you like, but do not ejaculate. I will question you about this. Dont disobey.

Come to our play session joyful and excited. Anticipate having a great time. You will.

As Dan mounted the steps to the Sorority door, he stopped, resting his hand on the banister. He took several deep breaths to calm the butterflies in his stomach, then finished climbing and knocked.

At his second knock, Dorothea opened the door. To Dans surprise she wore a navy blue business suit. Her upper body was completely covered, the hem of this skirt cut across her thighs halfway above her knees. The only articles of the fetish gear hed requested were the calf length, high-heeled boots.

“Come in, Dan. The receptionist went home sick and were here alone. Come with me.”  She moved off to the right and took a seat in one of the armchairs. With a gesture, she invited Dan to sit opposite her. She crossed her legs. “Dan, you referred yourself to me. Thats rare and very encouraging. Like you, Im an employee of the city, but my professional ethics apply. Nothing you say here, even admitting a crime, can be divulged to anyone. I can divulge, in fact I must, if I think you are dangerous to yourself or others. Is that clear?”

“Yes, I understand it. Some of the men told me youd help them a lot, so I decided to take the risk of talking to you.”

“That was a good decision. When we made our appointment, I gave you some instructions. Did you carry them out?”


“Thats not good enough. Tell me what you did or didnt do to obey me.”

“You told me to concentrate on my fantasy and that was easy. Since I knew we were going to act it out, I could hardly think of anything else.” He smiled and Dorotheas lips turned up the slightest degree in response. “

“Go on, thats not all I told you.” She crossed her legs, allowing her skirt to ride above her knees. She noted that Dans eyes followed her hem.

“You told me to masturbate as much as I wanted but not to ejaculate. The first part of that was very easy to do…” He smiled again and Dorothy nodded.… “But the second part was very hard. I dont think I ever played with myself so much and succeeded in holding back.”

“Do you understand why I had you refrain from orgasm?”

“I suppose so Id be all charged up and horny today.”

“Thats a typical male response and it the least important of my reasons —,” she added with an edge to her voice. “You, like most males, feel the world revolves around your pleasure. How selfish. Your presenting problem concerns impulse control. Sexual impulses are among the strongest and males, train themselves that their every sexual impulse should be indulged. Im going to teach you to control your impulses, your sexual ones as well as your violent ones.”

Dorothea picked up a manila folder from the table and glanced at the contents. “When you requested this appointment, you said you felt youre likely to be abusive to perps. Why?”

“Youve worked the streets, right?”

“Yes, three years on the streets before I got my psychology degree.”

“So you understand its not all polite out there. Somebody gives you some lip, you maybe shove their shoulder, make him stumble a bit. If you have to take someone down, youre not gentle about it. Thats not bad, its life on the streets. You cant do cop work without getting angry, getting your adrenaline up."

“Go on.”

“Lately, Ive been pretty short tempered. I once tackled a guy, cuffed him and when he was lying on the ground, I kicked his ass. Another guy, I slapped his face before cuffing him.  Last week, a guy took a swing at me and I subdued him all right, but I gave him three kidney punches where one wouldve been enough. If he hadnt taken a swing at me, Id have a complaint for sure.”

“Are there other incidents that you really should tell me about?”

“No, thats it.”

 “Well, youve done right by coming to me early. Those actions inflict real but unnecessary pain and harm the department relations with the community. You lack victim empathy. I am going to provide you…” Dorothea stood up dramatically. “… With a good reason…” She ripped off the top of her professional garb, revealing herself in a low-cut, leather corset. “… To understand exactly…” She tugged a bow on her wraparound skirt and it fell to the floor. “… What you do to others.”  She dangled a pair of handcuffs from a forefinger and glared at Dan severely.

Dan gulped. She towered over him, the leather and nylon Merry Widow strategically revealing and hiding her body, molding her breast into mounds with deep cleavage. Crimson lips and dramatic eye makeup completed her commanding presence. The quick striptease stirred his penis.

Dorothea pointed to the basement door. “Through that door and down the stairs with you. Youre going to the basement to learn your lesson.”

Dan preceded her down the stairs, glancing back once. Dorothea pointed downstairs imperiously. At the bottom, he gaped, eyes wide as he took in the wheel, the St. Andrews cross, the spanking benches and the array of punishment implements on the wall.

Dorothea gave him little time to gawk. She slapped his face, noting the momentary flash of anger in his eyes. “My disrespect pisses you off, doesnt it?”

“Yes, I didnt expect that from a psychologist.”

“You told me the outline of your treatment when you told me your transgressions toward helpless perps. All humans deserve a modicum of respect, and youd better show it, or you wont have it shown to you. Turn around. Face the wall.”

When his back was to her, she pushed him between the shoulder blades. “Up against the wall. Spread em.” When he assumed the position, she frisked him, patting him down thoroughly and ending with an insistent squeeze on his cock and balls. She cuffed one of his hands and pulled them both behind his back, attaching the other cuff. She spun around and said, “Kick off your shoes.”

With some difficulty, Dan managed to obey.

Dorothea moved close. Her eyes bored into his as she unbuckled his belt. “Detective O Haggerty, youre about to find out what you do to others. Then see if you want to continue.”  She pushed his pants and underwear down as far as she could reach without bending over. “Kick those off, too.”

When he was naked from the waist down, she grabbed his semi-hard cock. “Follow me.” She led him to a spanking bench. “Stand upright, belly against the bench.” She slid a leg across the backs of his thighs to restrict his motion, then, with both arms violently pushed him over the spanking bench.

“Oof,” OHaggarty grunted.

“You dont like hard takedowns? You told me theyre standard procedure.”

“They are, but its different on the receiving end.”

“Aha. Different on the receiving end. That sounds like the beginning of victim empathy to me. This treatment is working. As a further sign of contrition, I expect you to cooperate with the rest of your chastisement.

“There are plenty of restraints on this bench, but your victims were all kept like you, handcuffed. Youre going to learn to empathize with your victims by suffering the same kind of pain. I expect you to cooperate and not to crawl off or try to protect yourself. If you do, I will use the restraints and I will punish you longer and harder. Is that understood?”

“Yes, ma am. Ill hold still for you.”

“Good.” Dorothea moved behind him and to one side. Without warning, she kicked his ass hard, once on each cheek, digging the toe of her high-heeled boots into him.

“Ow! Oww!” Dan remained bent over, but craned his neck to see his tormentor.

Dorothea bent over him, pressing her body against his back. She whispered in his ear, “Thats what you did to one of your victims. Do you think he liked it any more than you did?”

“No, it hurt and was a very unwelcome surprise.”

“Unwelcome surprise. Another victim empathy statement. Youre a fast learner, detective. Ive given you a payback lesson for each transgression you confessed except the kidney punches. Those are much more weighty and you might face serious consequences. I wont pay you back in kind for kidney punches because they are inherently dangerous and can cause injury and medical problems. They are a serious lapse of your professional ethics.”

She walked to a rack of implements across from him, knowing he watched her, making selections. Tapping her heels as she walked back and forth across the face of the rack, she pulled down a riding crop, a rectangular wooden paddle and finally, a nightstick.  She saw apprehension on his face and smiled. “Youre worried, I can tell. And you should be.” She slid the nightstick into a loop of metal conveniently placed at the waist of her garment.

She stood behind him and reached between his legs. His penis, partially engorged, fully elongated as she squeezed it and stroked it a few times. “This session will be a punishment, but may merge with sexual training. Therefore I want you erect at the beginning.”

Dan spread his legs to give her better access. His penis throbbed and pre-cum coated his tip. Bending over to be cock teased by a beautiful woman was his most persistent fantasy. He felt that in a few more seconds he would spray uncontrollably.

She let go of his dripping cock and slapped his ass hard with the palm and back of her hand. She struck him again and again. When his cheeks reddened, she dug in her fingernails and scratched him.

Dan moaned and groaned, but made no protest.

Moving to one side, she placed her left fist in the small of his back and slapped him, rhythmically and methodically with her right hand, alternating cheeks.

Dan accepted this part of his punishment with subdued grunts and gasps after each blow.

Pausing before her hand hurt, she showed him the paddle. “Kiss the paddle that will kiss your ass.”

Dan obediently pursed his lips and kissed the paddle.

“Not a peck on the cheek — Ill be doing a lot more than that to your cheeks. Lick it. French kiss each hole in the paddle.”

The punished policeman looked back at her, a pitiable expression on his face.

“Dont give me cow looks, obey. Now!”

With a deep sigh, the humiliated man licked the face of the paddle and put his tongue through each of the six holes.

“Good. Now that youve kissed it, it will kiss you.” She placed the damp side of the paddle against his cheeks and rubbed them in a circular motion before drawing her hand back. Smack! Accompanying her lecture, she applied blows of increasing power and speed.

 “Detective, you must learn that the unnecessary pain that you inflict has consequences, not only to those whom you victimize but to yourself, to the honor and integrity of the police force, and to the detriment of community relations. How many reasons did I give?”

“Uh, four, I think. Ow!”

She struck him harder. “Are you sure of the number? Werent you paying attention?”

“Yes, ouch! It was four. Oh, that stings!”

“Oh, then you were paying attention. Tell me the four.”

Dan, his voice rising as the pain increased, knew he was in trouble. “I know you named four things, but what were they about?”

This earned him a fast flurry of blows. He jumped up and down, gasping and moaning.

“Was that sufficient reminder or must I go over it again?”

“Oh, I remember, ways I hurt people.”

“Yes. Now name them.” Thwack went the paddle.

“Ouch! I hurt the guy I punched, I hurt my rep, and the department and…”

“Dorothea rubbed the paddle around on his ass and spoke with an edge in her voice. “You dont remember the last?”

“Community, community relations,” Dan said desperately.

“Good, I knew you were a fast learner.” She tousled his head patronizingly. “Good boy, good detective. Now say them again without pause.”

“The victim, myself, the department, the community.”

“Very good. Here at University they teach us that punishment does not increase learning. What do you say to that, Mr. Bent-Over-The-Spanking-Bench-Detective?”

“I think thats a lot of bullshit. Youre teaching me, and my ass hurts like hell.”

“How very perceptive of you,” Dorothea said sarcastically. “Do try to remember those four things. Now that weve gotten the educational part of the program completed, I will begin the actual punishment.”

“That wasnt punishment? My ass is on fire.”

“Im just getting started.” She put down the paddle and showed him the tip of the crop. “You police use weapons that are brutally efficient and crude, just like yourselves. I prefer implements that impart exquisite, sharp, focused pain.” She waved the crop up and down before his eyes, making the characteristic whirring sound. “Notice how swishy this crop is. When I stop my wrist, the tip continues to accelerate. The sharp tassel at the end collects all that kinetic energy and flicks it into a tiny part of your ass. Do you think it might sting?”

“Im quite sure it will sting. No doubt in my mind. ”

She pointed the tip at his mouth.  “The crop will French kiss you.” She pushed the flexible tip into his mouth and rotated it around a few times. “Thats it, Detective, kiss the crop. Suck the crop. Why that almost sounds like Im saying suck the cock, does it not?”

“And since the crop is long and stiff, we could say youre sucking a cock, you cock sucker. Dont you agree, Mr. Tough-Guy-Detective? Youre symbolically sucking a cock?”

“I… I guess so,” Dan mumbled.

“The crop represents your victims cock. Im sure hed love to see you humiliated and sucking his cock. I know I like it. Dont you like it?”

Dan shook his head violently from side to side. “No, not at all.”

“Good, then your punishment may work.”

She slowly withdrew the crop from his mouth. Tap, tap, tap on his butt cheeks and swish, crack! Dorothea sliced it into his bare ass.

Dan howled in pain.

Dorothea let him experience the full effect, allowing him time to calm down and catch his breath. “For your first caning, the traditional six of the best. After each stroke, tell me the four things and what they mean.”

“People I hurt when Im violent. My victim, myself, my department, my community.”

“Very, very good, detective. Im genuinely impressed. By using the word my for each of those you harmed, you accept responsibility. As your psychologist, I feel it is likely that this session, including the punishment, will be effective.”

The in cane strokes and the ritual repetition of his responsibility didnt take long,though Dan prolonged it with howls and screams. By the end, he sounded hoarse as he sobbed out for the sixth time, “People I hurt when Im violent. My victim, myself, my department, my community.”

Dorothea rubbed his ass with her hands, then, taking the keychain from around her neck, released his cuffs. She bent over him and whispered in his ear, “You took that very well, detective Dan. You may rub your ass and feel how warm it is. Doesnt your ass feel warm and tingly?” She kissed his cheek, enjoying the prickly stubble against her lips.

Dan swallowed hard. “Wow, youre right, my ass really is hot. You sure put me through my paces.”

She kept whispering seductively. “That concludes our required therapy session. At your choice, Ill give you some sexual training. I hope you accept; it would be an eye-opening experience for you.”

Dan managed a laugh. “Im not a fool, like that kid who left the initiation. Bring it on, oh my mistress. I know my safe word.”

 “Good. I know you are a brave, daring man.” Her lips brushed his cheek again. “Stand up.” She pointed to a closed door in one wall. “Thats a loo. Youll find sports bottles. Use the facilities if you need to, and bring us each a sports bottle.”

“Yes, ma am.” He walked across the room, still fingering his striped red butt. In a few moments he emerged from the room with two water bottles. Dorothea met him at the door and grasped his prick. She tugged and he followed, using the mincing gait of a penis-led male. She took him into one of the numerous cubicles on one side of the basement, which proved to be a medical exam room. Gleaming metal cabinets lined one wall. In the center, lay a dentists chair and a medical exam table.

“Though Im not a medical doctor, I am qualified to give you a certain degree of sexual performance and control evaluation. Remove the rest of your clothing and lie on your back with your feet in the stirrups.”

Dan quickly complied, commenting, “Im glad of the stirrups. They raise most of my bruised ass.”

Dorothea smiled and took hold of his cock with her right hand, lifting and stirring his balls with the other. She gently squeezed and stroked the thickening member.  “Many men enjoy the pleasurable sensations in their cock so much that they fail to develop longevity to satisfy women and increase their own satisfaction. Achieving longevity requires self-control and the ability not only endure, but to enjoy, sexual frustration.

“Your initial response is quite good, an indication of general good health expected of a serving officer.” She glanced at the clock on the wall. “I encourage you to enjoy the hand job, but to withhold your pre-cum as long as you can.” She stroked him, varying the pace, sometimes letting her thumb and forefinger slide over the tip. “You have a plump, rigid erection, a further indication of good health. Its a pleasure to hold and to play with. I trust your sexual partners feel the same.”

“Never had any complaints.”


“Ive been told more than once that Im very good in bed.” He smiled. “Sometimes, when I work out at a public gym, I wear a T-shirt that says  Feel safe tonight. Sleep with a cop!”

Dorothea was not amused. “How very jejune of you.”

OHagartys eyes narrowed in puzzlement, but he said nothing.

Dorothea continued masturbating him. Dans breathing deepened. He opened his mouth, nearly panting. When he set his teeth, Dorothea asked him, “When you masturbate or fuck do you practice orgasm control?”

“Yes,” he gasped out through clenched teeth.

“Good. Thats thoughtful and considerate of you, more than many males do. Do you ever try to control when you pre-cum?”

“No, it never occurred to me.”

“Good, then were exploring new territory for you.”

“Uh,” he grunted, grimacing.  “Feels good but frustrating at the same time. Just what you want.”

“I want more than that. With further training, you will lose your desire to increase your own pleasure and think only of your partners —true submission.”

“I havent any idea how to think like that.”

“Honesty is a good first step. You have a long journey ahead of you. Oh! There it is. Pre-cum lubing my fingers and your cockhead.” Her eyes flickered to the clock as she grasped the tip of his cock with her thumb and forefinger and raised it. “See how pretty it is, all glistening with desire?”

“It looks horny, but I dont know about pretty. Its kinda the essence of maleness.”

“Youre lying with your red ass exposed, your legs propped up in gynecological stirrups, and you dont think pretty is the correct word for your throbbing penis?”

Dan shrugged. “I guess so, if you say so. Im sure in no position to disagree.”

“Hardly.” She stopped stroking him and lightly slapped his erection back and forth. “I love slapping a cock around. Like a good spanking, its an excellent way to show a male whos in charge. Besides its fun to see it waving about instead of proudly poking up like a periscope.” She struck harder and harder, making the stiff cock flop onto alternate thighs with a resounding thwack. “Im testing your reaction to very mild pain. I want to see how long it will be until you deflate.”

In less than a minute, the stiffness left his cock and she stopped slapping, leaving him shriveled and limp. She noted some anxiety in his eyes and smiled to herself. She took a clipboard from one side of the exam table and made some notes.

Replacing the clipboard, she took three objects from the wall cabinets. One was a bottle of lube she placed on the table between his spread legs. She concealed one from Dans sight. With a tight smile she showed him the third, a hinged metal collar about an inch and a half around.

“Wh… Where does that go?”

“I think you can guess,” Dorothea said with an arched eyebrow. She lifted his limp cock by its head, fit the collar around the base, closed the jaws and tightened the set screw while gently squeezing his shaft.

Dan, apprehensive at first, smiled and relaxed as he felt his cock rise and stiffen. “Wow!”

As she pleasured him, she asked, “Never used a cock ring before?”

“Never felt the need,” he said eyeing her significantly.

Dorothea was unmoved. “Oh, cock rings have many more uses than erection aids. It increases sensitivity, dont you agree?”

“Yeah. It sure feels good.”

“Also, and more important for me as a dominant female, it restricts ejaculation, increasing your frustration. A woman who frustrates a male controls him. Youre so easy.”

OHagarty flipped his eyebrows, but said nothing.

She let go, letting his erection flop against his lower belly. “Jerk yourself off and see how nice it feels.”

“Really? In front of you?”

“Do as I say.”

Dan gently pinched his shaft between his thumb and two fingers, sliding them up and down.

“I dont care if you are embarrassed. Obey. Use your normal grip.”

Dan sighed, and turned his face away, but gripped his shaft like a man, fingers and palm circling his girth, forefinger and thumb stimulating his cockhead .

“Thats better. Describe how it feels.”

“Wow. It feels thicker and harder and better all over. It is more sensitive. I never knew.”

“Perhaps youll obtain one for your own pleasure. For now, keep stroking but dont pre-cum or ejaculate. Ill get ready for the next step.”

She picked up the bottle of lube and withdrew the nightstick from her waist, pouring lube on it as she fixed Dans eyes with a challenging glare. She thrilled to see the fear she induced. “Keep stroking. A cock ring allows a cock to remain stiff while unpleasant stimulation is applied.” She placed the rounded end of the nightstick against his asshole, twisting and applying light pressure until the tip, followed by followed by several inches, penetrated.

“Argh! Ohhh,” groaned Dan, rolling his head from side to side. “Why you doing this to me?”

“This is the last part of your punishment, Dan. Those kidney punches hurt your victim a lot. Maybe as much as Im hurting your ass hole now.” She pumped the stick in and out, varying the speed.

Dan writhed and grunted uncontrollably, gripping the sides of the exam table.

“Put your hand back on that cock! You keep playing with yourself till I tell you to stop.”

The bark of her command penetrated to Dan. As he wrapped his hand around himself again, he stared at her openmouthed.

“Let the pleasure in your cock overcome the pain of your reaming.”

They held each others eyes and soon pumped in unison, in and out, up and down.

“Youre learning something new, Dan. Sex is more challenging, and more fun, with a woman in control. We women have more natural self-control than you silly men. Men swagger, and think theyre in control, never experiencing the joy of submitting to a powerful, beautiful woman.”

Dan panted, his trips to hips twitching as the invading shaft poked around inside. “I think youre right. Wow!”

A few moments later, Dorothea noticed pre-cum coating his cockhead again. “See? You like it. You like having your ass fucked by a nightstick.”

“No, I dont. It hurts.”

“Nonsense. If you really hated it, youd protest more and you couldnt pre-cum. Admit it. Say, I like Dorothea to fuck my ass.”

Don gulped, bit his lower lip, then ground out between clenched teeth, “I like Dorothea to fuck my ass.”

“Very good. Ill remember that. Now tell me what the four things are about and what they are.”

“Oh, uh…” Dan shook his head as though to clear it. “People I harm with violence — my victims, myself, my department, my community.”

“Again with the my. Very good. For that, you may continue to pleasure yourself.” She slowly withdrew the nightstick from his ass and placed it in a sink in the corner. She returned to her position at the foot of the table, framed between his two upright thighs. “Does your cock feel good in your hand? Still feel bigger and more sensitive?”

“You bet it does. Much better now you took that fucking stick out of my ass.”

“How quickly your natural male arrogance reasserts. Remember I said that the cock ring allows your cock to experience more unpleasant sensations?”

“I dont think Ill ever forget it,” he said apprehensively.

She glanced at the clock and showed him the object she concealed, a Wartenberg wheel. With a wicked smile, she rolled it gently and slowly from his knee up his thigh towards his groin.

“Oh, uh, ooohhh,” Dan moaned fearfully.

Dorothea began at the other knee and duplicated the procedure but then dropped the wheel lower and ran it back and forth over his inflamed ass cheeks, gradually increasing the pressure.

“Ow! Ow!”

Dorothea grinned wolfishly. “Keep jerking off.” The wheel rolled into the crease between his thigh and his ball sack, then slowly walked across where the ball sack met the base of the shaft. She kept going, circling the entire ball sack.

Dan panted in fear, though he obediently continued masturbating. More pre-cum oozed from his tip.

“See? You like it. You like sexual pleasure at the edge of fear.” She gently removed his hand from his stiff cock.

She wrapped her hand around the base and squeezed. Dorothea glanced at the clock and ran the wheel gently around the base of his shaft. She circled him again and again, deftly passing the handle from one hand to the other. Each spiral rose higher, as did the growing fear in Dans eyes.

With her sweetest smile playing across her face Dorothea rolled the shaft very lightly around the rim of his tip.

Dan moaned continuously, almost sobbing.

With a light touch, Dorothea ran the spokes of the wheel over Dans cockhead. She left a gap between her fingertips and palm on the underside of his dick, rolling the wheel up and down gradually increasing the pressure.

The pitiable sounds from Dans mouth formed words. “Plea…stop…no…more.”

“Oh, you can take it. Im not going to draw blood this time.”

Dan sobbed uncontrollably. A couple of tears leaked from his eyes. His penis wilted.

With a self-satisfied grin, Dorothea glanced at the clock, put down the wheel and made notes on the clipboard.

She handed him the water bottle and he drank eagerly, wiping his tears away.

“How do you feel?”

“Exhausted, horny, confused, relieved… And, in a strange way, happy.”

“Good, thats what I hoped. Youve done very well, especially for a beginner. You deserve a reward. Would you like to ejaculate?”

“Oh, my God, do I need to cum! I havent felt this charged up since… I dont know when.”

Dorothea lifted his shriveled, limp dick on the palm of her hand. “Is this little guy ready to grow again?”

“I think so. It feels great to have your hand on it.”

Dorothea gently massaged the cock with her fingertips. She rolled it between her palms. Before long, it achieved full erection and Dorothea stroked it.

“Alternate periods of intense sexual stimulation followed by the reduction of your erection without ejaculation builds up the charge. By obeying my command not to ejaculate, you prepared yourself well for the session.”

She kept stroking him, now concentrating on the tip of his cock, gently stirring his balls with the other hand. “I have one more surprise for you, the part I like best, then Ill let you cum at last.”

“Another surprise? Now I dont know whether to be glad or afraid.”

“Both. Ah, theres your pre-cum. Let me know when youre about to ejaculate but dont go that far.”

“Okay, Dorothea. Youre the boss.”

“Naturally.” She continued to stimulate him as his breathing deepened and became a series of gasps.

Grunts of effort came from his mouth almost as though he choked.. “Ah, uk, uk.  Gonna cum!”

“No, you’re not!” screamed Dorothea, as she twisted and bent his shaft and squeezed his balls.

“Yeeooowww!” bellowed Dan, thrashing about and pounding his fists on the table. “Fuck! Shit! What the fuck!?” He stopped thrashing and lay there panting, glaring at Dorothea resentfully. “Did you really have to do that?”

“Well, yes, I did. Its my favorite part. I love busting guys balls and making the proud erections disappear in a second. The screams.  So, yes, I did need to do that.”

“You shouldve warned me. Safe word on that. No more of that.”

Dorothea took a deep breath. “Of course. As you wish. No games. Its all pleasure for you now.” She held the water bottle for him and he drank. “Let me know when you want me to resume.”

“Im not sure I want you to.”

She held his eyes with hers. “Dont miss out on the pleasure you earned. Earn it you certainly did. Your pleasurable reward will round out the experience.”

“Oh, what the hell. I desperately want to cum. Go ahead, do your worst.”

“Ive already done my worst. Now Ill do my best. Let me know when youre ready to cum. Remember, you still need my permission to shoot.”

Dans traumatized genitals took longer to respond, but inevitably, his shaft grew turgid again. Dorothea use long slow strokes, sometimes with very light pressure, sometimes with moderate. They gazed at each other, smiling. As Dans breathing grew deeper and faster, Dorothea let go.


“Right at the edge.”

“I thought so.” She waited a few seconds, then Dan nodded. She resume, gently stimulating him. “How easily a male can accepts great pleasure and pain from a knowledgeable and confident woman.”

Dan gasped, “Right. At the edge again.”

Dorothea smiled sweetly and let go. Pre-cum coated the tip and dripped down the shaft. The cock twitched a few times, then slowly relaxed towards Dans bellybutton.

Dorothea resumed playing with him, leaned forward and gently kissed his lips. “This time, Dan, you may let yourself go.”

“Boy, I need to, Im full to the brim.”

“Your cocks very eager. Look at it swell. Yep, more pre-cum. ”

Dan drew in and exhaled several long, deep breaths. “Not long now! OH! AAAAHHHHWWWHOOOOOOO! Ah, ah, ah!” Dan screamed, white goo spurting from the tip of his cock and spraying all the way onto his chest and chin. His hips bucked, his head rolled from side to side.

Dorothea, chortling, kept stroking him. “Thats it, Dan. Enjoy your cum.”

When Dan finally stop screaming and thrashing, she let go. She kissed him again, briefly.

Dan lay back on the exam bench, panting and grinning. “Whew! That was amazing. Strongest, ever had from a hand job. One of the strongest cums ever had my life! Wow! You are amazing, Mistress Dorothea.”

She stroked his cheek with her palm. “I thought youd like that,” she said with a satisfied smile.

“What about you? I know it wasnt part of the deal, but that had to get you going. Can I do anything for you? Youve done so much for me.”

“No, thats all right. I appreciate the offer and take it in the spirit in which it was offered. I did make an arrangement to be with a woman soon. Shell meet my needs perfectly.”

“Okay. I dont want you to think I was trying to…”

“Yes you were, but appropriately. Its only natural to pay back pleasure with pleasure. Rest there as long as you need to and use the loo to freshen up. Would you like a little time by yourself?”

Dan thought for a minute. “Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.”

“Okay, Ill wait for you upstairs.”

When Dan came upstairs, crackers, cheese and wine lay on the coffee table before where Dorothea sat. Relaxed, the pair discussed Dans experience.

He told her he was surprised at how she played the psychologist role but found it very personal and meaningful. “I dont do the things I confessed to, but plenty of guys do. I think theyd benefit more from your treatment than what the department actually prescribes.” They laughed at that.

Not surprisingly, he was not a fan of getting his ass fucked or his balls busted, but he said the entire experience was all he wished for and more.

Dorothea told him the website hed used it to articulate his desires was owned by a Sorority girl. “With your permission, Ill recommend you to her and you can make professional arrangements. Tell me how much or little of what transpired between us you want me to tell her.”

“Well, Im sure she keeps things confidential; her business couldnt survive otherwise. You can tell her anything you want, especially about not reaming my ass or busting my balls.”

“Ill tell her. But dont be surprised if your desires grow as your experience does.”

Dan soon left, promising to get in touch with Susan.

Authors Note:  Though this story can stand alone, it fits into the broader Female Dominant Sorority series (linked). Dorothea is president of the sorority on a certain campus. Selected males tried out to be servants to these beautiful women at the beginning of the college year. One of the unsuccessful applicants complained to the police and Detective Dan OHaggarty visited the Sorority and concluded no crime was involved. However, he was intrigued…