Shes young but twists him round her little finger 0    0

This story deals with themes of coercion and reluctance against a background of female domination. If you think you might be offended please try a different story. 

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Dominants wives create Hell on Halloween 0    0

It had been quite a while since Michele had permitted me to have sex with her. S...

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Mistress introduces him to her new slave 0    0

My cellphone buzzed in my pocket with a new text message. Flipping it open, I fe...

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New employee receives a lesson in respecting women 0    0

To be honest, I was surprised that I even got the job at the law firm. 

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A tale of my journey to being a chastised cuckold male 0    0

The book was a surprisingly easy read and dealt with topics that were completely...

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Mistress controls her plaything 0    0

As she neared him his stomach knotted, again, as his cock hardened even further....

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Women now control the world Is the world a better place 0    0

Fast forward to 2027, 20 years after George Bush choked to death on a peanut, ru...

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How a girl can get what she wants 0    0

The events described in this essay are true from my own life experiences. The characters are eighteen years of age or older and only their names have been changed.

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Femmes Of Spring Break: The Coffee Shop 0    0

Curioius about female domination, a police detective learns a real lesson.

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Take It Like A Man 0    0

He awoke in a daze. Slowly the mists in his mind parted and he started feeling the pain. Oh, god, the pain! The wonderful pain! He was hanging from his hands from the ceiling of a very luxurious ro...

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Mommy's Good Boy 0    0

Mommy domme takes her little boy fully for the first time.

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